2 bedroom single family home

· Single Family House

· Two large bedrooms

· 1 1/2 bath

· New 30 year roof, side porch

· Efficient gas heat, central air

· Well insulated

· Stunning ash and heart pine floors

· Modern kitchen, new appliances

· Washer dryer hook-up

· Privacy fenced-in back yard

· Dry basement with concrete floors

· 2 car garage!

The County recorded this property as being built in 1919, but a deep restoration revealed numerous 1873 German newspapers in the walls and 1903 local papers used as chinking between an addition and the main house.  Dayton suffered a massive flood in 1913 when many property records were destroyed.  Many old homes in Dayton were recorded as being built the day the property sold for the first time after the flood.  Enjoy many of the original features entwined with modern upgrades...

Living room, 64 Centre Street.

64 Centre was packed with history.  The dining room floor was linoleum installed over 1/4 inch plywood covering a bed of local newspapers (entire editions) from 1933 to 1937.  Look here at announcements for the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge, construction photos of Hoover Dam, and news about the Dust Bowl.  The stack of papers is astounding, and the slew of news is even more amazing.  (newspapers provided insulation for early home improvement projects).  Both the Dayton Daily News and Dayton Journal are in the collection.  Under all the fuss was beautiful ash floors now carefully restored.

Beautiful ash floors

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Two large bedrooms upstairs feature large closets and cozy carpet.  On the same floor is a full bathroom completely refinished with an original claw foot tub retrofitted with a shower.

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Original china cabinet built-in

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The rear “utility room” posed a real challenge.  It was in awful shape and would have been much cheaper to just demolish and forget...

Instead, we decided to save it.  We tore an old particle board type of wall covering off and found 1 inch thick 1 by 12 boards hung vertically.  We took them off carefully to see several editions of 1873, 1876 and 1878 German newspapers from Germany, Pennsylvania, and even here in Dayton (the latest editions).  They were in rough shape, but we kept the best copies and reinserted them back in the wall cavity or a future discovery.


We took the siding and planed, sanded, and urethaned them for your enjoyment.  This wood paneling is the real McCoy - over 140 years old!  Of course, we insulated the wall carefully before reconstruction.  We finished the room off with new double pane wood windows, a salvaged turn of the century heart pine floor, a convenient closet, and a washer/dryer hook-up.  A real “all purpose room”!

1873 German newsprint

Re-hung original fir siding

Salvaged antique heart pine floors

How about real knotty pine wainscoting?  It sure adds warmth to  this kitchen!

April 28, 1935 Dayton Daily News — aerial view of Hoover Dam under construction

May 23, 1937 Dayton Journal — Pictorial of  Dust Bowl refugees en route to California

May 27, 1937 Dayton Herald — First day of operations on the Golden gate Bridge

Original claw-foot tub (with a shower upgrade) in the upstairs bathroom.

Large closets a plus in the large bedrooms

Oak cabinets and new appliances, a great combination!

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64 Centre Street