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Historic Huffman Homes, LLC offers historic home rentals and sales in Dayton Ohioís Huffman Historic Area.† Huffman is nestled within minutes reach of each of Daytonís major freeways and interstates.† Huffman was one of Daytonís first suburbs and is actually within walking distance of Daytonís night club district, baseball stadium and the riverfront entertainment strip.†

The neighborhood benefits from the efforts of several volunteer groups, the Historic Huffman Neighborhood Association, has been organizing and hosting successful neighborhood home tours for nearly 25 years.† Huffman is home to one of Daytonís most prolific volunteer based neighborhood development corporations.† The Huffman Historic Area Neighborhood Development Corporation has been directly involved in the complete restoration of nearly 30 single family homes and small commercial buildings within the district since 1994.

Several points of interest in Huffman are:

 Huffman School site, eight million dollar renovation transformed an abandoned school into senior apartments.† 100 Huffman avenue

 Linden Avenue, one of Daytonís premiere high class Victorian streetscapes.† 100 Block of Linden

 Countless individual home restorations.

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Huffman Historic Area Dayton, OH

Mike Osgood, owner, Historic Huffman Homes, LLC, displays infant crib he crafted from quarter-sawn antique oak salvaged from a home demolition site.† The oak is taken from an historic homestead estimated to have been constructed in 1874.† The house was removed to make way for a local road expansion project.† This wood is cut from floor joists and other framing members.

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