2 bedroom single family home

 Single Family House

 Two large bedrooms

 New 30 year roof

 Efficient gas heat, central air

 Fully insulated

 Stunning hardwood floors

 Modern kitchen incl. dishwasher

 1st floor Washer dryer hook-up

 Privacy fenced-in back yard


 Front porch


 Optional two car garage!

Built in the 1880ís, this home has been renovated with beautiful flooring salvaged from an old school house and an 1890ís Dayton home.

Living room, 1957 East Fourth Street.

1957 front door

Historic front door detail

Front room

Salvaged antique Staircase

1957 East Fourth features a stunning wood floor, salvaged oak in the front room, salvaged maple border inlayed with oak in the living room and all salvaged maple in the kitchen.† The whole layout is interwoven between the three rooms.† The walls and ceiling were carefully insulated, making this place a truly cozy winter retreat.

Salvaged maple forms a border for vintage oak

Period lighting

Spacious living room

Staircase view

Comfortable bathroom

Bevel cut bathroom mirror

The bathroom features new fixtures and all new plumbing.† Keeping in step with the theme of energy efficiency, even the toilet was replaced with a low-flow model.†

Front bedroom

Bedroom two, both are large

Two big bedrooms with generous natural light.† The closets were expanded to provide better storage.† Carpeting ensures comfort on cold winter mornings.

Kitchen includes new dishwasher

Dark pine wainscoting in the kitchen

The kitchen is comfortably appointed with a vintage salvaged maple floor.† The wood includes lots of curly and birds-eye maple.† The patina is beautiful a gift of age.† Dark pine wainscoting and a nice touch.† The home is very comfortable especially with central air.† The kitchen opens to a privacy fenced-in back yard (and access to a two car garage.† There is also a door leading to the basement.

For Rent

Salvaged maple floor

Text Box: Rent me:

	$695 per month
	+ $50 per car
	(optional garage)
	Pet policy applies

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